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Many millennials’ social liberalism was grounded in their conviction that all people should be treated with equal dignity, regardless of ethnicity, heritage, or sexual orientation. 

Another 29 percent either couldn’t or wouldn’t explain why they are liberal. Often, they decided they were liberals because they really didn’t like conservatives.

Unlike liberal millennials, the plurality of conservatives (24%) used their label based on both social and economic issues.

A considerably high share of conservatives, 43 percent, did not know how to explain why they are conservative or chose not to do so.


When Americans were asked to use their own words to define the word “socialism,” millennials were the least able to do so.

Human beings are mostly slow-witted egotists who rarely use technology for the betterment of society. The discovery of fire lead to arson, the printing press begat propaganda and the internal combustion engine gave us NASCAR. It’s not technology I distrust, it’s people.

- TechnologyTell

“It’s astounding how well (younger agents) step up when asked.” 

- Inman News

We criticize younger generations for being politically disengaged, but is the system is designed to be that way?

- Care2

Millennials buy green for health reasons, while older adults buy for environmental reasons. 

- Retail Customer Experience

And you no longer have to wait a year! - The Wire

Younger workers who expected promotions when the boomers cleared out are going to have to stew in their own juices… 

- Marketplace

Millennials are just like…everybody else? How mysterious!

- The Gothamist

 You’re going about it all wrong. - Causecast

It’s not hard to see the potential impact on traditional utilities: This [Millennial] generation is more disposed to support clean energy, wants more choice in its energy decision-making, and may favorably view government intervention to achieve these goals. …

Utilities who will thrive in the coming years are the ones who will find ways to understand and meet the needs and preferences of the Millennial generation and especially the Millennial customer.

Millennials and the Future of Electric Utilities - Brookings

A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute showed that 69% of Millennials support same-sex marriage. Even self-described evangelical Christians in this age range made a startling move: 43% of them are also in favor of it. What does this mean for churches?


Starting and engaging others in conversations has never been easier. Not as easy, of course, as posing a question on Facebook, crossing your fingers, and waiting for people to find you. No, you need to give your audiences content that reflects their concerns and values.
Derrick Feldmann, “Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Play a Leading Role?” in Philanthropy News Digest